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Title: Assessing and Mitigating the Impact of Global…

We are finally on the verge to get vaccines for tackling this everlasting pandemic. However, considering that their supply will be limited through the middle of 2021, there is one question that is drawing the attention of many: who is going to get the vaccine first?

One can enumerate several…

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Today, I visited my mother and my father working in the countryside. It’s that time of the year in which all farmers of this land are collectively engaged in one single action: harvesting olives. An action belonging to a long-chained process that started months before, from pruning trees, fertilising and watering them. A process that certainly doesn’t end here, yet. Oil mills will take care from now onwards, producing extra virgin olive oil and potentially exporting it worldwide. For my parents, it is so rewarding to be part of such a grand scheme of things. For me, it is really thrilling to see them gratified, enthusiast and passionate about it.

Joy. That’s what my father and many farmers, like him, would feel when facing such beauty. Nature is rewarding a whole-year effort with a plant brimful of olives.

Staring at it makes you eager to harvest it. It magnifies your sense of greed. By getting closer, you want to slide your hand over those sprigs, with your fingers spread, like combing your hair. Letting the fruit fall into your bucket. It is a pleasure to the eye, conscious also that what you are plucking is the wealth of this land.

Thank you, nature.

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Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)

The Open…

Today, I want to pose an interesting question that I think is really worth of investigation. Or maybe there is already an answer and I ignore it.

In many occasions it happened to me, but I believe it happens to many other programmers too, that looking again to some piece…

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